We are situated central in an area where there is a great variety of different terrain types such as mountains, flat terrain, dry and wet close to rivers, canyons and waterfalls. Step back in time and take a hike trough the higland chist villages.

Close to the house we recommend to take the roundtrip hike from Mosteiro-Rabigordo along the banks of the Pera river. Go early and spot wild otters hunting for fish and see wild deer in the morning fog.

In the closeby area there are loads of short and long distance hiking routes. We have done most of the hikes and depending of your level of fitness we can advise you accordinghly. If you want to prepare have a look at Trilho dos Romanos near the cabril dam or hiking in the area of Fragas de São Simão. Email us if you need any further info

Road tripping the legendary N2?

If you are road tripping the N2 you are more than welcome to stay over at our place. We are 9km away from the N2. Note that we are bicycle friendly and have tools for cleaning and maintenance available for you. You can park your bicycle safely behind our gate. More info at


The area is also famous for trailrunning. You will find loads of trails to navigate freely. If you are up for a challenge check out and compete in the famous national ultra Louzantrail skyrace each year in March.

Canoeing, paddle boarding and boating

These activities can be done nearby on the different rivers around here

If you are interested we can assist you with the following.

  • Canoe rentals (flatwater selfguided trip)
  • Supboard rentals (flatwater selfguided trip)
  • Boattrips
  • Guided flatwater canoe trips
  • Guided wildwater canoe trips (November until January depending on enough water volume)