Organic Wellness Massage

This will be organized at the house by our good friend and neighbor Nai. Nai is a successful osteopath relief therapist for more then ten years. She is able to offer the following sessions:

  • Osteopathy (interview upfront)
  • Relieving massage
  • Relaxing massage
  • Circulatory massage
  • Facial treatment

Treatment duration is 60 min

All products she uses for the massage are home made and free of chemicals with quality and organic ingredients

If you would like to schedule a session and receive pricing information please contact Nai directly via contactdetails below.

mobile: +34628697982


Natural river beaches

This area of Portugal, although away from the coast, has a great variety of river beaches (praias fluviais) where you can swim in clear fresh rivers or lakes and come away with no sand covered suncream! Some are located in small stone villages with cafes and lifeguard’s (like Mosteiro) others more secluded with water falls and beautiful walks along the rivers watching the wildlife (like São Simão). All offer a great place to enjoy the countryside and cool off during the warm summer months. And we have half a dozen within a short driving distance or even walking distance from our house.

Mosteiro is just 5 minutes in the car or 30 minutes on foot. It has big shady trees, a cool place to swim, a snack bar for a chilled jug of sangria and a very relaxed atmosphere where both locals and visitors like to spend the afternoons when it’s too hot to be anywhere else.